Portland Area Fire Authority

Serving Portland and Danby Townships and the City of Portland, Michigan.

Tim Krizov, Chief.      firechief@portlandfiremi.com          517-647-4111


Services we provide to the Community

Our Fire Department provides many services to the district to help save lives.  For more information about what we provide, please contact the department at 517-647-4111 and leave a message, or email here.

Low-cost (sometimes free) battery-operated smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detectors for your home, as well as instructions on their installation, timely maintenance, and most effective locations within your home.  (based on availability)


Low-cost custom reflective house number signs for your home or business.  If you have a medical or fire emergency, it is, of course, most important that your address is visible day or night, and a reflective sign next to the driveway to your home is critical to identifying where you are.  The department makes available low-cost reflective signs and instructions for their installation and most effective placement.

Members of the department are available by appointment to talk to your school, pre-school or day-care class about fire safety in the home and school, including materials such as coloring books, fliers and posters.