Portland Area Fire Authority

Serving Portland and Danby Townships and the City of Portland, Michigan.

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Insurance Services Office (ISO) Fire Rating


The Insurance Services Office (ISO), rates the capacity of fire departments to respond to a fire. ISO uses information about each community, its department's equipment, strength of training and history of response times, and develops a numbered rating for areas within a district. Insurance companies use these ratings to determine rates for fire and homeowners insurance for individual properties within the district.


Two of the most direct factors used to determine your rate are distance to the fire station and distance to the nearest fire hydrant. Generally, if you are within 5 road miles to the nearest station and within 1000 feet of the nearest qualified hydrant, you will receive the lower of the available ratings for your community. Likewise, if you are over 5 miles to the nearest station or over 1000 feet, you may receive the higher rating. A common rating for an urban area is 1 to 3, a rural community is commonly rated 7, and a remote rural area is commonly rated 9 or 10 (10 being the equivalent of little or no protection).

Location ** Within 1000' of hydrant Within 5 miles of station /
Over 1000' of hydrant
Without a hydrant
Portland Township 5

Insurance Co. Rules


Danby Township

(North of the Grand River, Generally)
5 Insurance Co. Rules 9
City of Portland 5 N/A N/A

** For questions on distance to station or presence of a hydrant, call the Station at 517-647-4111.