Portland Area Fire Authority

Serving Portland and Danby Townships and the City of Portland, Michigan.

Tim Krizov, Chief.      firechief@portlandfiremi.com          517-647-4111


Authority Board Members

The Portland Area Fire Authority Board is made up of six members, two appointed by each jurisdiction:  One member is an elected official from the jurisdiction's governing board, and one member is a citizen at large of the jurisdiction.


Mark Ackerson represents Danby Township and is an at-large member of the Board.  Mr. Ackerson is a Portland area business owner, and a former firefighter.    EMAIL

Vice Chair:

Bill Stegenga represents Portland Township, is a member at-large, and is Sales Manager at a local farm implement dealer and former firefighter.   EMAIL





Chris Jensen represents Portland Township, is the Portland Township Supervisor, and works for a local Utility company. EMAIL




Kathy Parsons represents the City of Portland, and is a member at-large.  Ms. Parsons is a Portland area business owner.  EMAIL

Board Member:

Dan Platte represents Danby Township, and is the Danby Township Supervisor.    EMAIL



Board Member:

Joel VanSlambrouck represents the City of Portland, is a City Councilmember, and a Portland area business owner.  EMAIL