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Chief Baker has added a new SAFETY TIPS page, liked above.  Check back often for tips on keeping your family or business safe!

NEW!  Severe Weather Preparedness Tips!


Applications are now being taken for the position of Volunteer Firefighter.  Job requirements, application and Federal forms are available here.

Burn Permits are now issued annually.  Look here for instructions and forms


Portland Area Fire Authority is an Intergovernmental partnership between Portland and Danby Townships and the City of Portland to provide professional fire suppression and rescue services to each of our jurisdictions.

These pages will contain information on services provided, and how to access information you may need to live, work and visit our area.




Message from the Chief:

As we all await the beginning of warmer weather in the Great State of Michigan we also must consider that with warmer weather comes the threat of Severe Weather.

April 16 - 22 has been declared Severe Weather Awareness Week. This also includes the 2017 Statewide Tornado Drill which is scheduled for Wednesday April 19th at 1pm. I have attached some great information that I hope you will take time to read through

The information contains suggestions for you, your family and yes your pets in the event of severe weather.

So let’s enjoy the upcoming weather and just remember to keep an eye to the sky and be safe!!

Click here for important information on being prepared for Severe Weather!


Chief Baker.


From Chief Baker: 

Carbon Monoxide alarms SAVE LIVES! This morning, Portland Area Fire was dispatched to Peck Lake Road, where a mother was woken by her Carbon Monoxide alarm going off. She and her child were groggy and disoriented, but called 911. The Carbon Monoxide reading at the door was 105, and in the basement was 245. Normal is 40 to 80. 

Portland Area Fire was able to get the residents out, and they are on their way to the hospital. Without their alarm, there could have been a very different outcome very quickly.

Chief Baker urges residents and businesses to get a Carbon Monoxide detector and install them promptly. Even if heating season is nearly over, you still may have gas appliances that can cause a deadly buildup. You may purchase one for as low as $14.00. 

Portland Area Fire was assisted by Portland Ambulance and Ionia County Central Dispatch.


Extrication Training......


Yesterday evening, Portland Area Fire conducted an extrication training at the station to practice and perfect auto accident rescue techniques. Regular training is an essential part of the Department's service to the community.

Thank you to Keusch Super Service for the assist.


Portland Area Fire Authority supports Smart911, a service free to Ionia County residents, that enhances the ability of Ionia County Central Dispatch to give up-to-date, more complete information about you and your family or business to first responders, police, fire and ambulance services so they can give you faster, more complete, timely service.  Smart911 is safe, secure, and easy to use.  Sign up today!




Applications are now being accepted for the position of

You Must Have A Permit to Burn Outside!


Burn permits are required throughout the district for
outdoor burning at all times. Permit applications are available here, and are issued on an annual basis.  They are free of charge, but a valid permit must be obtained before any outdoor burning takes place in the City or Townships, including campfires or bonfires.  


Call the Department at 517-647-4111 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday if you have questions. Permit applications are also available at the Department at 773 E Grand River Ave., in Portland during business hours. 

Individual jurisdictions may have additional rules or